Online school classes for Kids putting pressure on whom? Must Read

Online school classes for Kids putting pressure on whom? Must Read

Whether kids enjoy at homes to learn school courses online or pushed to behave well to get up early, it’s debatable. However, most of the kids have some behavioral changes thanks to COVID-19 pandemic continuity. Parents have more work to do and are only bothered about what next to do? Online school classes keeping kids tight lipped. And they’ve their own justifications as they’re more hooked towards laptops, iPads, Mobiles etc.

The purpose of quality education through online school classes needs to be discussed more. It’s again no fun, no worry situation or scenario for kids. Kids have less work, less interactions with other kids, less responsibilities and beyond these more stress for their parents.

It’s also peculiar to ask for how long kids will be having online school classes ? Rich people have their own ideas to keep enjoying the kind of lifestyle they’re in. They’re happy with online work and online classes for their kids. However, it’s a challenge for the middle class to grow.

What’s The Use Of Online Classes For Kids?

There are chances that kids will grow up this way only to get certificates rather than better career. The end of online education should be initiated else it would be too late as days, months and years passes by. Steps should be taken up under high level precautionary measures to ensure schools reopened for good. There’s no necessity of arguments over “can know”, “should know” or “needs to know”.

It must be “must know” situation. Online school classes aren’t of any help or not but putting pressure on whom? It’s agreeable that most of the businesses in India running for a shorter number of daily hours. Can India take a clue or two from the Western countries? Western countries fighting against COVID-19 while everything kept open. Educational institutions have in person classes and so on.

Time to wake up and think about the future of our kids in particular. Do not be blind over the crises or keep the facts hidden from the people of India. And at the same time open up everything.

Schools have their own ways to earn money and charge school fees even without proper education. However, schools have no other option as the govt not allowing in person classes. This will continue for how long? Teachers still aren’t trained to take online classes as they were used to take only in person classes. Still schools need to provide salaries to their teachers. And what about other staff?

Online School Classes & The Sufferers

And what about the other staff? These people seems to be suffering more. The office boys, security guards, toilet cleaners, and the bus drivers, etc. They’re no more working in schools as online school classes continues to shut the doors of income for some. How will these “other staff” take care of their families or where are they left for?

Can’t imagine how these people might be suffering. There’s a “must” and “must” situation for schools to reopen to benefit the kids, parents, staff and so on. It’s unlikely that kids will get quality education through online classes.

Think it over and again. It’s for the better future of the kids, and for the better future of generations to come. It’s not the end of the world. And if the govt keep restrictions to create shutting down of most of the businesses. And including the schools in particular then it will be too late and poverty will keep on increasing.

Every child benefits with in person classes rather than sitting at homes to attend online school classes, keep this in mind . And it’s harmful for kids to be on any device for hours and then they do their homework given to them. Some parents sacrificing their time to make their wards learn more and some are just confused. Henceforth, the govt must allow everything to reopen and then see how well the things will become normal ?

Fight against the virus with an open all normal situation and do impose certain guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus. This is going to be too harsh but it’s better for people to work and earn their bread. Work on the principles of “out of the box” ideas to please everyone.

Khalid M Raza

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