Unity between each community in India is best policy for progress

Unity between each community in India is best policy for progress

Selfishness never helps people to prosper as they need to help each other and think always good for each other. Most of the people in India are selfish. And so unity between each community can benefit India more. And if there are quick thoughts carried forward among each other’s communities as the priority to help each other. Respect every individual’s opinions and sentiments, beginning from family members to friends and so on. I have many examples from small to big.

Households in various localities throw the garbage collected from their houses near to their neighbors’ houses. It’s disgusting isn’t it? I can confirm this because I have seen this with my own eyes. I’ve also seen people living in one locality or of same religion do not allow their own people to progress. They might respect other communities and also never come forward to help each other for the benefit of their own community. Why I’m discussing this because if there’s fire in one’s neighbor’s house, then his or her house also can catch fire.

Best policy is to adopt the basics of what the nation demands from us. If we be united and on a step wise basis each community will progress. And then this will help entire India to get benefit with. Be good to your family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Charity Starts From Home & Unity Between Each Community Too

Indians already experienced the foreign ruling, right from the moguls to Britishers. British in India ruled almost for 200 years. They did so while dividing the Indian society, dividing the kings, corrupting officials etc. This has a huge impact on Indian mindset. Everybody was fighting against the British, but they were not united in their fight. And then Gandhi arrived as the fight against the British carried forward with unity.

He was killed even after bringing freedom or independence to India. India and Pakistan got separated because of some selfish leaders. Only to become Prime Minister, Jinnah played a key role in dividing India and Pakistan. The consequences of partition, still dividing us further and so on.

Basically Indians insult each others’ religions and also discourage their own members of each community to progress with. “I need to remain quite over atrocities to my Muslim brothers in Kashmir as somebody else should fight for this cause”. “We will sit at home and wait something happens as why should I worry?” Unless this attitude changes, nothing is possible. Charity starts from home as we say, and so support your family first, then your friends and relatives and more others from there on. Unity between each community will show the right picture to the entire communities in India to get united.

Livelihood Woes

People are more worried about their livelihood. Yes, I can see many people still are in hand to mouth situation in India. And most of them do not bother to help even their close relatives to bring them out from poverty. This also prevents them from participating in any protests or agitations.

The governments in India come and go while they loot India during their terms. Also the governments try to keep the people more poor, as the poorest will be their biggest vote banks. This has been continuing for so many years now, nobody knows when this will change.

Governments are “Public Servants”. Instead of serving the people, they are trying to rule the people. People are also afraid that they may not get some services if they go against the governments. This fear psychosis is also one of the major reasons for not participating in the agitations.

Public Servants get salaries from our “Taxes”. Everybody pays tax, whether poor or rich and these so called government officials or Public Servants, get salaries from our pocket, so why should we fear them? They are there to serve us, not to rule. Once this message gets across clearly to the people, I think some change will come.

There can be more reasons than I mentioned above, but these are few reasons why people don’t unite in India. However, this hurts that Unity between each community is not as much as it’s required. And even fights among friends and relatives go on.

Khalid M Raza

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