Ear Virus on transmission through speech to hearing dismissed not yet?

Ear Virus on transmission through speech to hearing dismissed not yet?

It’s interesting to know that experts have come up for a wake up call over “ear virus”. Still, reports did not confirmed that this kind of virus will be the “upcoming” in few months time. It was claimed that an infected person from the ear virus should stay away from normal persons. Further, if the virus infected person speak anything then it’s possible that you could also be infected. It’s because there might be chances that any normal person, who hears ear virus positive person could also get infected. In other words, you need to avoid hearing anyone for safety or for necessary precautions as it was reported recently.

The report assumed that when you need to go out for work or leave your homes then you must lock your ears. Ear virus precautions suggest that despite people wearing masks to avoid COVID-19, they still need to lock their ears. An ear lock would be provided and would be available for sale. People also will not be allowed to speak in public places.

People can do shopping with their written list and choices as applicable and followed by shopkeepers. There’s a possibility that you can’t speak or need to hear anyone. Is this possible? Questions just raised too much. However, no official announcement of the infectious ear virus has been made till date. And this virus is not yet confirmed.

Khalid M Raza

Note: In Hand Writer does not guarantee the authenticity of this post. Opinion of the author is based upon the spread of rumors about the “Virus” only registered here.

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