Tipu Sultan was selfless ruler to fight against British to benefit India

Tipu Sultan was selfless ruler to fight against British to benefit India

Here, we are not to discuss about Tipu Sultan’s family or about his father Hyder Ali. We have to bring to your information that Tipu Sultan was the most bravest ruler in Indian history. He fought with the British and he was praised a lot for his support to the poor and innocent people of all religions until early 19 century. Later on and at present he used to be cursed for no reason. BJP supporters change facts to speak lies and more lies. Tipu Sultan was selfless ruler and known as the Tiger of Mysore & more.

His contribution to India is larger than what people imagine of. He was the leader with the most bravest heart. He lived like a Tiger and died as a Tiger and above all Tipu Sultan was selfless ruler.

Tipu Sultan was also engineered to pioneer rocket artillery. He invented rockets, in a way as much as 5,000 rockets at a time to make the British bow down. Rocket innovation during those times was the use of iron tubes like missiles. He deployed rockets against British forces and their allies during the Anglo-Mysore Wars.

The British had previously never seen such an advancement of rocket innovations. Britishers felt that they lost to Tipu Sultan as he was the most feared person at that time for the British. So, they decided to divide India in two parts and proposed Tipu Sultan to take half of India. Tipu rejected this proposal from the British. And said: “One day’s life of a Tiger is better for him than living hundred years of fox’s life”.

British then divided the people and carried a plot against Tipu Sultan and eventually killed him. He’s always remembered as a martyr, who died while saving India from the British.

Tipu Sultan was Selfless Ruler & More

The Tiger introduced land revenue system, which boosted the Mysore silk industry. And helped in establishing Mysore as a major economic power.

Tipu Sultan also brought up horticulture and gardening in India. His father along with him established a 40-acre Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore.

He fought many wars against the British and he was victorious. However, the forces of the British East India Company, Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad joined together to defeat him. He was deceived with the British joining more corrupt forces to conquer him. He fought until his last breath on May 4, 1799. Tipu Sultan was selfless ruler to defend his fort of Srirangapatna in Karnataka.

False Claims Over Tipu Sultan

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah decided to celebrate Tipu’s birth anniversary – in 2015, describing him as one of the earliest freedom fighters. However, this decision was caught under a major controversy.

The BJP falsely claims that Tipu Sultan was an intolerant ruler. They used to blame him with their hatred over Muslim rulers. Also they accused him of forcefully converting Hindus and persecuting Christians. BJP followers only use Muslims and Muslim leaders of India to play dirty games. Truth is hidden but not vanished at all.

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