Schools to continue with online classes as unlock 4 opens some businesses

Schools to continue with online classes as unlock 4 opens some businesses

Some businesses like restaurants, bars, and schools to have restrictions with only takeaway for the restaurants to continue. Cinema halls will not be opened as with 25-30% of attendance in theaters with social distancing could be not profitable. Schools to continue online classes as most of the private schools taking online classes during COVID-19 outbreak. During the lockdown, everything in India was closed and slowly India entering in unlock 4. And in Sept too, some of the businesses will not be given green signal to operate as per their demands.

However, unlock 4 in India promises to be most socially active as traffic movement will improve. And more sales of fuel at fuel stations could be seen. Fuel prices still not reduced and several other businesses promises to revive Indian economy.

“Social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious and political functions and other congregations will be permitted with a ceiling of 100 persons, with effect from September 21”: According to Hindustan Times.

However, open air theaters will be allowed to operate with the pandemic restrictions of social distancing. Bars also will be open but only for takeaway from the counters.

Schools to continue online classes. Schools will not be allowed for conducting in person classes until September 30.

Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks will remain closed.

There will be restrictions over commercial transport including international services till Sept 30. College students will be allowed to write exams while schools to continue online classes until Sept 30.

Students are deprived of quality education through in person classes, which is a cause of concern. This restriction is threatening the careers of the rising stars of India as schools will remain closed until further notice on Sept 30.

Khalid M Raza

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