Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Joe Biden will be good for India for strengthening ties for progress?

Joe Biden will be good for India for strengthening ties for progress?

If people ask this question that who will be good for India between Donald Trump or Joe Biden after US election results? Well, it’s not so confusing because India used to have good ties with the United States always. And whoever will be the President of the USA, India will benefit with whatever strategies, to have deep relations. It’s not that Joe Biden will not be good for India or Donald Trump. Or maybe Joe Biden will be good for India.

The issue stands with the people of United States or say the USA. Ivanka Trump visited India and so did Trump, later on, after the “Howdy Modi” show in the United States.

Donald Trump knows cleverly the fear factor of Narendra Modi, who surrendered meekly when Trump wanted to import medicines from India. Narendra Modi was hesitant to show his followers something “fishy”. And Trump warned India for retaliation if Modi sticks to his decision. Donald Trump not even named “PM Modi” and used “he” against Modi when he spoke about US’s retaliation.

Trump did visited India for a 36 hour short trip. And in the meantime Delhi Muslims were attacked. He ignored that and that was only the reason why Narendra Modi wants Trump to get reelected. The story will be lengthy but we’ll try to make it shorter.

Joe Biden will be good for India & not for Modi

Indians need to think what’s good for India and not for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who’s on a selling spree. What if Modi keeps selling whatever he wants to? And then even if relations between Donald Trump and India would improve or become even better Modi only will get benefited. It’s unlikely that a republican or a democratic victory likely to affect India more. However, Joe Biden will be good for India.

This is so because with the worsening of joblessness and economy, India will benefit from the Joe Biden govt more. India with 1.4 Billion market should look for good relations with developed nations under any circumstance. If Joe Biden wins then it would be good for Indians. And never be fruitful for Modi and his policies of divide & rule.

Khalid M Raza

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