UAE Princess concerned over bloodshed in Kashmir after Turkey

UAE Princess concerned over bloodshed in Kashmir after Turkey

The United Arab Emirates so called Princess Hend Al Qassemi surprised everyone with her care for the people of Kashmir. The UAE princess concerned over bloodshed in Kashmir. And she said: “Why is blood cheap deemed in Kashmir?”. She also said later on that: “This month is called Muharram in the Arabic calendar. Bloodshed is forbidden during these days….”

“A sacred month of the year during when warfare is forbidden. It’s the 2nd holiest month, after Ramadan. The best was 10th day known as the day of Ashura…”. The UAE Princess further said. It was sad that the Arab world didn’t raised any voice or condemned the atrocities over Kashmiris. However, the UAE Princess opened up after Turkey favored the people of Kashmir. In response to this her followers also played differently against her and in support of her tweet.

Many followers liked her tweet while some criticized her. And one of them supported the UAE princess this way: “There are many factors, which turned Kashmir from heaven on Earth to hell of Earth. But, what is present govt doing to tackle this situation? It seems they only know violent ways”.

It puts a large majority of the world to applaud what UAE Princess is concerned of. The UAE Princess concerned over bloodshed in Kashmir. And do at least half of the world really cares about the people of Kashmir? This is the question needs to be answered.

Khalid M Raza

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