Bigg Boss 14 good for contestants in Bigg Boss home quarantine?

Bigg Boss 14 good for contestants in Bigg Boss home quarantine?

Salman Khan yet again brings you the season 14 of the reality show on Television channel colors. He was also seen working in his farmhouse as he claims: “Lockdown laya hai sabki life mein speed breaker! Isliye ugga raha hoon chauwal aur chala raha hoon tractor. Lekin ab season paltega kyunki aa’ raha hai Bigg Boss 14”. It means, Lockdown brought speed-breaker in everyone’s life. And so I’m sowing rice in the farmhouse and driving tractor. But season will take a new turn because Bigg Boss 14 is coming soon. Many experts have different opinions. Why Bigg Boss 14 good for contestants or it’s a bad option to bring the show during the pandemic outbreak. Let’s understand two different opinions.

Bigg Boss 14 will be premiered on September 27, 2020. Further reports claim that on September 25, 2020, an amazing introduction of the contestants will be shot. And the well dressed attractive contestants will be shown entering the Bigg Boss house, in the second half of the introductory episode. All this will take place at Mumbai’s Film City.

Bigg Boss 14 promises to be much more interesting and a large number of viewership expected. A new concept and another entertaining start would likely to be viewed from Sept 27. The theme for Bigg Boss 14 will be based upon the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown.

Why Not Bigg Boss 14 Good For Contestants ?

Experts have different opinions as some of them say that: “Do the contestants wear masks and keep social distancing?. And if that so then how the people could watch contestants wearing masks?”. Another opinion supports Bigg Boss 14 much more than we can think. They keep saying that Bigg Boss 14 good for contestants and the viewers.

This is so because everything including washing of hands frequently will be expected to be shown. And in an interesting way to keep showing awareness for necessary precautions for COVID-19.

Thus, Bigg Boss 14 good for contestants and there’s no requirements for the contestants to wear masks. Let’s wait for a couple of weeks to know more. We promise you to bring good news. So, please come again and do read our next posts…

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