Coronavirus vaccine still required when recovery cases good enough?

Coronavirus vaccine still required when recovery cases good enough?

Recent survey in Iceland disclosed few important factors. And also why Coronavirus vaccine still required when there are about 98% recovery cases worldwide? Antibodies against the novel coronavirus remain fighting in the body for four months after infection. People, who tested positive will be recovered at a rate of 98% or more when they get proper hospital treatments. However, one question confuses us because do we still require vaccine if we get infected with Coronavirus?

The immune system produces antibodies to fight against the virus when basic treatment at homes or hospitals provided. It means that you can either go with the medication and with oxygen cylinders at your homes or in the hospitals.

And do get the vaccine if available to you easily. Moreover, vaccine definitely will be given to you if you opt for hospital treatment rather than remaining at homes to get treated for Coronavirus or COVID-19. Experts believe that COVID-19 vaccine is protected from reinfection. And also experts advise us that prevention is always better than cure.

And also it was not known as how long the vaccine could take to be available in the market? Generally, with all the parameters considered, Coronavirus vaccine needs still more time to be available. This is so because of the research in many countries showed some good results from antibodies injected for the treatment of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Vaccine Still Required When Recovery Cases Good Enough?

Roughly 90% of the recovered people had antibodies against the virus. Their antibody levels rose during the first two months. And then remained at the same level for the duration of the study, which was carried on for two more months.

It was also confusing to know that the virus has infected only 0.9% of the world population because of no factual data provided as required. It leaves Iceland vulnerable to a second wave of infection.

In England, more than 80% of the residents mounted an antibody response to the virus, including 82% of those over the age of 80. A report claimed.

The team also reported that similar proportion of staff members and home residents formed antibodies to coronavirus after necessary treatment. And so, Coronavirus vaccine still required? So, it is not clear whether antibodies against the virus guard against reinfection or not? And this is confusing. The findings still to be reviewed.

2 staff members and one camper tested positive out of 1000 attendees at a camp and were isolated until they tested negative. 30 people in the camper were quarantined. And they all tested negative for the virus during quarantine. The virus did not spread beyond the three infected attendees; it was also reported in a Coronavirus post.

Children aged 6 to 13 are less likely to have symptoms of COVID-19 than those who are younger or older. Only 61% of infected children aged 6 to 13 showed symptoms, compared with 75% of infected study participants under age 6 and 76% of those over age 13.

Prevention is better than Cure

Hospitals are in shortage of beds and other health services.

You’ve to keep yourself healthy and you need to take the necessary precautions.

Wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distancing required.

Do not visit public places or any event including those involve religious gatherings.

Do not hesitate in avoiding handshakes from your relatives & friends. Remain at homes for most of the time. Do not go out of your homes unless on emergency cases.

Coronavirus Vaccine Still Required?

A man in Hong Kong was infected with COVID-19 in March, 2020, and he was recovered. He again tested positive for coronavirus several months later. This was the first evidence for reinfection. So, vaccine for Coronavirus, if available, is necessary. Isn’t it?

Does Coronavirus vaccine still required when recovery cases are good enough? Yes! And it’s because the above documented case of reinfection signals that immunity can diminish.

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