Hospitals in India have heavy rush of COVID-19 patients but…

Hospitals in India have heavy rush of COVID-19 patients but…

Right from Hyderabad to Mumbai and towards Delhi and in every part of India, hospitals crazily operating nonsensically. Hospitals in India have heavy rush due to the pandemic COVID-19. Rules in the hospitals, when reported to us aren’t of any worth. You don’t have to go and get your surgery done in any hospital if you require one. And if you do so, then you’ll be told that you’ll be staying along with COVID-19 patients else find another hospital.

This way, families across India troubled a lot more than they expect over the illness of their family member or members. Family members take the patient and travel around the city. And land in the gov’t hospitals rather than get the treatment in any private hospital.

The private hospitals provide daily care for any patient to the tune of 60,000 or more per day. This hefty amount or staggering daily charges are nonsensical. This is so because nobody has enough money to get the treatment in these new “expensive” private hospitals. It’s a shame that Indians are troubled more to find a better hospital for the treatment.

And if they find one then they’ve to pay more. Gov’t hospitals in India have heavy rush too. And they don’t bother at all even if the patient is in critical condition. He or she will be “killed” rather than treated for recovery. These hospital politics are rising alarmingly.

Interestingly, it’s everywhere in India. And the top politicians and celebrities get the best possible treatment and they get recovered. But not the common man. Hospitals in India have heavy rush because of COVID-19. And the one, who pays more will be recovered. This way, it seems the gov’t eliminating poverty? Best treatment not available. So, precaution, is always better than cure.

Khalid M Raza

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