Huge Oil, Gas discovered in Pakistan says Pakistan Media

Huge Oil, Gas discovered in Pakistan says Pakistan Media

Pakistan is India’s neighboring country and the people of both countries have common views. Pakistanis also watch Indian movies and they know more about India as Indians too know their neighbors. Yet, it was known that India and Pakistan are enemy countries. Both also considered by their respective media that they’ll never be friendly. However, it was also believed that many relatives of Indians live in Pakistan and vice versa. It’s not shocking that huge oil, gas discovered in Pakistan today. This is so because Pakistan was in research for the Oil, gas reserves since a longtime. That the huge oil, gas discovered in Pakistan can put pressure on major countries.

The result is positive and it was reported that Pakistan discovered huge oil, gas in Pakistan. This means that if the report is true then Pakistan could reach towards a new height. And proceed towards huge progress. The digging was done to about 5500 meters and Pakistan noticed huge oil, gas reserves then. The benefit for Pakistan could be of no more purchase of oil from the major oil producing countries. This can create new process to make Pakistan an independent country.

Does it mean, Pakistan could emerge as one of the riches countries in the world sooner or later? No, the reports are confirmed but that never means that Pakistan could rise and shine in quick time. Only a few weeks of time can make the difference.

However, Pakistan achieved a lot of milestones under the leadership of Imran Khan. Pakistan’s control of Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has been appreciated. Smart lockdown for COVID-19 in Pakistan was of good use. There was no full lockdown. There’s a huge hype created in Pakistan over this report, and there’s still sometime for reports to be confirmed further.

Khalid M Raza

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