Deaths increased because of Coronavirus cases causing millions to die?

Deaths increased because of Coronavirus cases causing millions to die?

People are hungry because of Corona Virus or COVID-19 pandemic due to lockdowns. Countries, who imposed lockdowns affected their people’s lives towards hunger. Deaths increased because of Coronavirus too. Many rich people also died whenever they got infected from this pandemic. In India, there was a lockdown and it was extended for 3 months to control the rise of COVID-19 cases. But, due to the lockdown many small and medium businesses were shutdown. People lost the jobs. Not only businesses shutting down in India but also people committing suicides.

Case to case analysis predict that there will be millions of deaths in about further 3 years due to this pandemic. Deaths might include hungry people and due to rise of poverty. People are scared more due to COVID-19 and have their own reasons to die because of loss of jobs. Gov’ts wouldn’t do much in the favor of the people because the economy shattered all around the world. India is the most worse hit country in the world thanks to BJP gov’t.

If millions die in about 3 or 4 years then world will not be a better place to live. Deaths increased because of Coronavirus causing millions to die? Yes, but experts say people are not just dying because they get infected with the virus but because of so many reasons.

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Alarming rise in death cases due to diseases other than the infectious Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the main worry. World is at a stop and this creates panic in the minds of the people.

People Die of Hunger is main worry

Deaths increased because of Coronavirus cases is another current factor. But what about people, who die because of hunger? The reason is no proper care taken for the safety of the poor people, particularly in India, where farmers too commit suicides. Poorest people have nothing to eat as the daily wages bring them their livelihood. There’s no such daily work provided to the poor people.

And no free testing applicable for them over the pandemic towards their treatment if they’re tested positive. Hospitals do not have enough spaces. No more new hospitals built in India too for the pandemic.

Simply the poor people are the most important people, who work hard and are the causes of lifting the economies of nations.

Rich aren’t care much about fake politics or leaderships because they get what they want. They’re happy over the sufferings of their other cast or people from other religion. And they want no solution for rising in death cases. Deaths increased because of Coronavirus cases all around the world as no better facilities provided for other health problems.

People are looking for home remedies if they’re suffering from other ailments and easily become victims of death. They’re more focused not to visit any hospital because the situation in the hospitals is scary. People are told that they’ll be treated along with Coronavirus patients. And so they’re opting to remain at homes even with severe illness.

Further reduction of population will lead to more crises as the market and businesses won’t do good. The fight to save people should be initiated otherwise millions will die in 3 or 4 years.

Khalid M Raza

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