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Bigbasket online grocery store delivers fresh packed cut vegetables

Bigbasket online grocery store delivers fresh packed cut vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, food grains, dairy products etc; will be delivered in quick time at your doorsteps. You know India’s number 1 grocery store Bigbasket, taking care of all those, who do not want to move out for outdoor shopping. Plus, it’s a great advantage to get what you want during the pandemic. And that’s not allover! Bigbasket online grocery store is all about shopping at your own time.

And you’ll see the next day, or within hours, that you’ll wonder how freshly packed cut vegetables are. And delivered to you within a day or two or even lesser time. Big basket grocery store informs you the delivery time of your items. Wait! There’s a lot more…

Branded items also handpicked and delivered to your home, all with your finger tips. Bigbasket is India’s first biggest online grocery store and why?

Visit, to find 20,000+ products and with more than 1000 brands. Already over 4 million happy customers connected to this store. Bigbasket is all fun to shop from home. It’s because, Big basket has blown away all the stress over shopping for daily essentials. And you’ll be happy to stay at home. You can now order all your household products. And even purchase groceries online without travelling long distances or standing in queues.

The convenience of finding all your requirements at one single source, brings you great savings. And you will realize that big basket has revolutionized the way India shops for groceries. Bigbasket online grocery store is simple and easier. Need things fresh? Whether you want fruits and vegetables or dairy and meat, Big basket has that all. Get fresh eggs, meat, fish and more at your convenience.

Bigbasket online grocery store delivers 25 cities across India and maintains excellent delivery timings.

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