Tuesday, February 20, 2024
World under stop as COVID-19 pandemic still rules for what?

World under stop as COVID-19 pandemic still rules for what?

Jobs for the people are decreasing and that’s what the world under stop as COVID-19 pandemic still ruling us. Does this mean that the world will regain what it lost due to COVID-19? Not only loss of jobs but also poverty and hunger will rise. This unrest has been created and that’s highly condemned. Your businesses not benefiting you with profits and your targets not achievable even if you consider the current situation. This means that the world under stop and we’ve to discuss something serious with you.

The world order will not gain anything for what they want to implement throughout the world. They’ve succeeded to create fear of the pandemic throughout the world. They will not achieve anymore success beyond this. This is so because there will be chaos and higher crime rates. And not to forget about the protests. History tells us pandemics often lead to civil unrest. People have been told so many different things.

Civil unrest is the main cause for the people to die of hunger. People will take wrong steps. And this is what the pandemic ruling for. Wrong steps from the people will put pressure throughout the world and frustrations and fear will lead to more deaths. Battles and riots needs to be stopped. And this is another form of the people, who want to rule the world with the help of the pandemic COVID-19.

Importantly, the world order will not last for long. And this is so because evil forces will never win even if they’re most powerful. The truth always comes out. And time will tell how these evil forces will be defeated. Righteousness will do wonders and victorious will be the true human beings. World under stop now but you never know what will happen tomorrow?

Khalid M Raza

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