People tested in Hyderabad wait in queue with social distance for COVID19

People tested in Hyderabad wait in queue with social distance for COVID19

People tested in Hyderabad for COVID19 as they were seen waiting for their turn in queues following social distancing. Long hours of wait for their turn to undergo COVID tests, people were seen quite and in order following the rules rightfully.

This report is from Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parashad (M.N.Area Hospital Malakpet) in Hyderabad on Friday. The rise of COVID tests result in keeping the poor patients in gov’t hospitals. And that results for no beds available for the middle class in gov’t hospitals.

Women is inserted with a nasal swab for COVID test
COVID-19 Testing, People tested in Hyderabad

The middle class people tested in Hyderabad as positive are helpless to rush in private hospitals. And from there, the private hospitals making huge money. Estimated amount for a COVID positive middle class person is about 500,000 or more for treatment in the so called private hospitals. This is again troubling the middle class people as they’re left with no other options because of no beds available in gov’t hospitals.

This leads to understand that poor people are happy to get tested over COVID-19 for free. But, many questions raised from this so called free testing. Can anyone know how much trouble, the middle class have to face when their family members suffer from any ailment.

However, health workers wearing PPE kits take the nasal swab sample to test for COVID-19 at Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parashad M.N.Area Hospital Malakpet  in Hyderabad on Friday.

There are too many issues if we keep counting. However, people tested in Hyderabad for everything not only for the pandemic.

Report: SP Service.

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