What border tension India, China have?: Report

What border tension India, China have?: Report

If you’re informed of what India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke over India, China, then you need to know more. Even if Indian Media claims that China will be pushed back or moving away from Indian territory? Or if Rajnath Singh denies after he spoke over what border tension India, China have? Then you’re misguided. Why Rajnath Singh continues to speak lies?

He also claimed that Chinese troops were also killed even if India accepted that at least 20 Indian troops were killed. These statements are worrisome, if in these statements lies spoken or a lot more things concealed.

Even if China moves back 2-3 Km the region still occupied as China is deep in India and very arrogant. Also no lesson still taught to China. And Indian media behaves irresponsibly to create fake news in support of BJP.

Questions like what border tension India, China have, continues to bother most of the people of India. Does it not good to speak truth based upon facts and allow the people of India to know the grim situation? Yes, so let’s discuss more over foreign media reports and ignore what Indian media speaks about. There were three firing incidents between India and China since the past few weeks. In a war like situation, people should know the facts and should not be given wrong information.

What Border Tension India, China have & More…

Since over 50 years there were no firing incidents between India and China. And now we see there were three such incidents noticed in a short time. Yes, China never wants to engage with India for a war or vice versa. India has been insulted time and again. And India never wants a war with China. China occupied Indian territories and it’s fine for China as India already surrendered. Why not? The bottom line is there’s a war like situation since more than three months, and India is hiding or concealing the facts. So, what border tension India, China have?

China already occupied over 1000 square kilo-meters of Indian land. And India here, should fight for their land. However, meekly accepting to whatever China wants will be an issue for the people of India. LAC (Line of Actual Control) situation ignored. And further ignores what border tension India, China have? This is all waste of time to know because India has already surrendered.

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And there will be no further war like situation between India and China if Indian media stops bluffing. China wants to show India to what level India can be pushed back. And insults India again and again whenever Indian media speaks lies or hides facts.

Reports come and go and we need to know the actual bottom line, which’s that India is pushed back and has been isolated. India lost all its neighbors including Bangladesh and Nepal in the belief of the support from United States. The BJP gov’t highlighted as the 56 inch chesty party. And this is what Indian media continues to speak even if India lost already to China without any fight. India is in a situation, from where Pakistan could be benefited. What Pakistan wants China is doing over India. And if the facts continues to be hidden then Pakistan’s new map including Kashmir will become a reality in future.


Border situation between India and China is war like. But there are less chances of a full fledge war. Indian troops are in great trouble. India is hiding the facts. Media reporting fake news. India already lost to China over the dialogues. No further talks between the two countries will benefit India. China responds to what Indian media speaks about.

And takes advantage. India lost about 1000 square kilo-meters of land to China. China and Pakistan are friends and if Pakistan wants to save Kashmir people then India need to react. The reaction should be to revoke abrogation of article 370 and 35A.

Indian Media should stop speaking lies or stop creating fake reports. This makes no sense as media supports to BJP. And what for the media supports BJP. Only for money or for what? To gain more viewership? Viewers will definitely stop watching Indian Television channels or online fake stories. It’s a wake up call and India needs to respond. The more fake stories created, the more trouble India will find. What’s more? Give your feedback.

Khalid M Raza

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