BJP Yuva Morcha donated Blood to celebrate PM Modi Birthday

BJP Yuva Morcha donated Blood to celebrate PM Modi Birthday

BJP Yuva Morcha donated Blood on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 70th Birthday. The Celebrations marked with blood donations at BJP Camp Office, Musheerabad in Hyderabad on Sunday. PM Narendra Modi’s birthday was also a sad day for the jobless youth as they called it “Unemployment Day”. Henceforth, the Birthdate of Narendra Modi will be used as Sept 19, every year for the mourning over unemployment.

This is something, which Indians need to understand. The fact is that 50% of India’s population celebrated PM Modi’s birthday while rest of the population claimed it otherwise. PM Modi’s twitter handle was busy on Saturday until late night. Every few seconds a new tweet from the PM was posted on twitter. His all tweets yesterday were of his replies to celebrities and world leaders including the UAE Princess.

He was so busy in replying to the people that he ignored some tweets from Congress leaders. Rahul Gandhi also wished him but he did not get the reply.

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Experts believe that there’s some person hired to write on behalf of PM Narendra Modi. He’s supposedly called the twitter handler of most of the BJP leaders. Narendra Modi’s and Amit Shah’s tweets in Hindi and English have an expert twitter writer, who manages their twitter accounts. However, today, BJP Yuva Morcha donated blood in celebration of the Prime Minister’s 70th Birthday.

It’s good to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday but also it’s good to know more about his leadership. Read More…

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