Protesters holding placards during go to CM camp office Protest

Protesters holding placards during go to CM camp office Protest

The members of a group or protesters holding placards during the chalo (go to) CM Camp office protest: Police were seen detaining the shepherds during the protest in front of the camp office in Hyderabad on Monday. It was learned that the protesters are demanding to allocate sheep farm house. And they’re protesting to allocate the farm to the family members of the shepherds.

Some of the protesters holding placards wearing masks and some of them even not following the social distancing rules. However, angry protesters want to move towards the Chief Minister’s camp office. Telangana State Chief Minister Mr KCR also sent TS police to calm the protesters.

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Police Detaining Protesters: Pic by SP Service

However, the TS police also not following the rules of social distancing as it looks like the members of GMPS protesting. Read More Here…

Also: Telangana State Hire Bus Owners Welfare Association members holding placards staging Protest at Bus Bhavan in Hyderabad on Monday. Demanding to clear their payment from March, May, June, July, and August 2020. Nearly 15000 families are dependent on bus services.

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On one of the street of the Telangana State there was heavy traffic jam due to this protest. However, the protests looked meaningful and were peaceful after police was sent there. The area is chosen by the protesters is in front of the CM camp office.

And they were demanding today for a “Chalo CM Camp Office Protest”. They want the share of allocation of Shepherd farm to the family members. “Chalo CM Camp Office Protest” means: To enter Chief Ministers camp office and demand what they want from the CM to do for them. It was also learned that their demands might be fulfilled.

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