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Dual voter Ids with money given to poor people for voting is how true?

Dual voter Ids with money given to poor people for voting is how true?

Political parties are all corrupt in India. And to a great extent BJP is extremely responsible for damaging India or selling the nation. Other political parties means business and growth of the nation to some extent and with their own personal gains too. Every state without BJP in power is stable and in safe hands. Here comes, dual voter ids allowed for what? It’s not confirmed that higher classes do have dual voter ids, but the poor people surely have dual voter ids. And this is from where the game of politics been played.

Poor maids, servants, security guards, laborers etc. work outside of their villages or native places. They’re possessed with two or three voter ids. One is of their place of birth and the other one or two of the places, where they work. This gives the poor people more weightage during the election times. What BJP does is that they make the poor people more poor. And then help them during the election times and reap benefits of winning the election through their multiple voter ids.

It’s confirmed that at least the poor people enjoy dual voter ids and are important pillars for any political party. If they get helped when it matters then they do not think of the progress of the nation and do vote. That’s logical because they want to survive and improve their lifestyles.

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And during the elections they know that the poor people need money and also non Muslims possess double voter ids. One at the place, where they work as maids or any other skillful work. And the other voter id they possess belongs to their native place. They use both voter ids and vote for BJP just for some money given to them. This is so because at that moment they need money than nothing else as BJP marketing agents do their marketing.

No answers yet to explain over why Muslims suffering in India because the poor people from other religions also suffer in India. BJP govt have criminals in their party and so they don’t care if India becomes the most troubled nation. It’s not enough for BJP to loot India but they’ll sell India if they want to.

Not Just Dual Voter Ids …

The BJP govt brought up NPR and CAA just to create more trouble to the Muslims in India. That was not able to be carried out yet because of COVID-19 pandemic. Had these laws carried out then Muslims in India might be suffering in the detention camps. And from there poverty will increase more and India will be in more trouble as no business relations will be maintained among different communities.

Khalid M Raza

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