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Preity Zinta with Chris Gayle celebrates his Birthday Party in UAE

Preity Zinta with Chris Gayle celebrates his Birthday Party in UAE

Preity Zinta, known as yesteryears Bollywood’s one of the best actress celebrated Chris Gayle’s Birthday with all other KXIP teammates. All had lot of fun filled night during the party session, which lasted till late night. Preity Zinta with Chris Gayle looking good together and there was lot of fun. All were seen dancing in the party, having drinks and much more.

Preity devoted her time with Gayle and said: “Happy Birthday to the Universe boss @henrygayle. Thank you for being so awesome and for being an inspiration to everyone around you. Wish you loads of love, happiness and success always”. Having lot of fun with giant Gayle, it was noted as a joy that both of them know very well, how they enjoyed last night. However, Preity Zinta with Chris Gayle was so happy that she was overjoyed and as a host celebrated his Birthday.

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Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar also wished Gayle, a happy birthday. Gayle replied: “Thank You Master”. Chris Gayle was so much drunk that he called some of his teammates as his “son”. “My Son”. He danced a lot in slow motion and thanked everyone there in the UAE, who were with him. Chris Gayle is the big hitting cricketer, who scores runs at a very high strike rate. And he was with Punjab team since a longtime.

Beware! what all these guys, who do whatever as celebrities shouldn’t be followed. However, there’s a limit that everyone need to understand and respect each other. Enjoyment is different and is only one way of passing our precious time. Time never waits. Lol!

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