1 Million users deleted some apps from Mobile phones: Report

1 Million users deleted some apps from Mobile phones: Report

App entertainment industry has already reached new heights and is at the peak level. And after the entertaining YouTube app, it has given career opportunities for many people around the world. Also photography, video editing etc. taken to a new level with the introduction of mobile apps. While, YouTube is most used app including Facebook and Twitter. However, the number 1 is still WhatsApp. So, why 1 Million users deleted some apps from mobile phones? It’s something interesting to know.

Mobile phone apps available in the market in large numbers. And some of them might be malicious to your data and devices. Your mobile phone, when exposed to such mobile apps then your personal data will be in threat. And the threat didn’t worked for over 1 Million users, who deleted some apps.

But, the main reason is that mobile phone users can’t keep more than 25 apps in their phones. This is how it is inevitable for over 1 Million or more users to delete some apps. A report claims over 1 Million users deleted some apps from their mobile phones. However, you’ll find more than 10 Million people to delete unmagical apps. App should have the magic and the zing thing to allow the users access information, entertainment and knowledge.

Users have become cautious over mobile applications. If they find something fishy then the respective application will be deleted. This is so because to secure their data in their mobile phones.

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Access to more than 25 apps on mobile phones challenges the time management of the users. And the users use only some apps in their mobile phones, within their healthy limits. It’s also important to manage various apps on mobile phones.

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