Bigg Boss grabs IPL viewers as many people change channel to colors

Bigg Boss grabs IPL viewers as many people change channel to colors

Much awaited but not too much wait for Bigg Boss organizers including their performer Salman Khan. Salman Khan is back again after the reality show was postponed. But no more wait. And here’s all the entertainment & fights begin over changing of channels from colors to sports and vice versa. It’s obvious that Bigg Boss grabs IPL viewers to as many as 30%. The much interesting IPL cricket tournament not to be sidelined. However, Bigg Boss grabs your attention too.

You might be wondering what needs to be done, sitting at home fighting with other family members. Give up man! Let them watch whatever they like.

Bigg Boss was scheduled to start from the starting week of Sept 2020, yet the reality show postponed. And for how long? So, here’s something interesting for you to know. The audience watching Salman Khan speaking with the contestants are television viewers, who switched over from watching IPL. Salman also have to play safe and remind the people or contestants to follow social distancing. He didn’t do shake hands or hugs, that’s what he used to do this time.

And in front of him no one watching him. But from their homes on TV sets switching over from sports channel to colors. The Bigg Boss season 14 will be more interesting this time. Enjoy, our reports about Bigg Boss if something interesting happens with Salman Khan & others.

We’re disappointed that both cricket and glamourous reality show clashed together this 2020. Yes, Bigg Boss grabs the attention and it’s not likely to reduce too much IPL cricket viewers. IPL has started and the games will go on. Only about 30% of IPL viewing will be reduced as per reports.

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