Charminar visitors not at social distance as they wait for tickets

Charminar visitors not at social distance as they wait for tickets

Kids play with balloons as Charminar visitors sit near wall of the monument. And they were not aware of online ticket available to enter historic monuments. Charminar visitors in old city of Hyderabad seen without social distancing after all mogul monuments reopened for tourism. It’s a report of Friday with pictures to view.

Again, it’s the authorities responsible because most of them also not wearing masks. People are not aware of the infectious disease, which can spread more because of no social distance. So, the gov’t should levy heavy fine over the offenders.

Family at Charminar !
Mogul Monuments, Tourists, visitors, online ticket, social distance
Waiting for Tickets!!

Visitors allowed at Charminar and other historic places after they bought online tickets during unlock 5 Covid-19 pandemic relaxations. Most of the people aren’t still aware of purchasing online tickets too. This is serious and the gov’t should take strict actions over people, who do not follow WHO rules. World Health Organization (WHO) always states that people need to keep social distancing as well as they should wear masks.

Frequent hand wash and sitting at homes for longtime helps to avoid infection of Covid-19. The situation of poor people is pathetic during the pandemic as they do not follow rules because they were not taught to do so. It’s time to create more awareness and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Charminar visitors, Mogul Monuments, Palace, tourists
The Palace – Chow-Mahalla
Moguls, Nizam, Muslims
Palace, Visitors

As responsible citizens of India, we need to bother about each other and spread the words of following social distancing. Whenever, you go out of your homes, you need to wear masks. And when you come back then throw the mask in the dustbin if it’s not reusable. Cloth masks can be washed and kept for reuse.

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