Gaza power cut ignores world leaders as Gaza people live in dark

Gaza power cut ignores world leaders as Gaza people live in dark

The power crises in Gaza is mainly a political issue. Gaza power cut ignores world leaders, which’s why people of Gaza in more trouble. There’s no light, no fans or anything connects electricity as severe shortage of power supply hurts. Worst power cuts in the history of the world and this crises is ignored. And just because innocent people needs to be troubled more. No world leader doing any good for the people of Gaza. It’s horrible.

The growing demand of the population in Gaza is not just power supply but shortage of more basic facilities. It’s because of Gaza power cut, people there, having troubled life and more atrocities taken place since a longtime. Yet, the world leaders ignore the crises that innocents have since a longtime.

Israel has done too much damage to the nations of innocent people. And it will be good if stringent actions taken against Israel. Israel bombed Gaza’s power plant in 2006 and since then Gaza power cut creating trouble in Gaza.

The power shortage because of Israel to the people of Gaza is just hardcore terrorism. Do any world leader now speak out to eliminate the terrorism from Israel? Nobody will do so. But, it’s time to behave and be brave to support the innocents.

What will you take with you when you die? People in Gaza can’t do so many things without power supply or shortage of power. The only power plant in Gaza was bombed. And this is a heinous crime. Let’s not ignore the fact that it’s now or never. Do good now and be responsible to raise your voice in support of the innocents.

Khalid M Raza

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