Tourist guides inviting people to visit best places for saving tourism

Tourist guides inviting people to visit best places for saving tourism

Telangana Tourist Guides (approved by ASI- Archaeological Survey of India), holding placards near Chowmahalla palace. And in several other tourist places. The Moguls built most of the tourist places in Hyderabad and across India. It’s time for tourism industry to gain momentum. All the best places for tourists are free from Covid-19. Tourist guides inviting tourists to visit the historical monuments like Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace etc.

Most of the best places in India are the historical monuments, built under the Moguls’ rule including the wonderful Taj Mahal. All the historical best places totally free from Covid-19 pandemic. These all structures excluding Babri Masjid, which was demolished, worth much more. Indian tourist guides are too good to tell you more about historical monuments and about more best places, factually.

The initiative to restart tourism of India, started in Telangana State. And will be taken forth towards many places across India. If people visit Bangalore, Delhi, Agra, Hyderabad and almost every City in India, they’ll come to know the facts of construction of “best places” for tourism. Tourist guides in India are enough knowledgeable.

It’s time to wake up tourism industry with preventive measures. Unlock 5 is good enough to open many industries. Time for tourism industry to gain more. People should wear masks and keep social distancing while visiting these best places of India. Do visit the best places of Hyderabad and across India and relax as tourist guides inviting you.

Khalid M Raza  

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