In Person exams of UPSC started as online classes to continue for all

In Person exams of UPSC started as online classes to continue for all

Students of UPSC wait at an examination center. It was from Sunday, the in person UPSC preliminary exams at University college of Women in Hyderabad started. Students have now, no other option as after attending online classes they need to write exams not online. It was reported today. Online teaching for school students going on full flow excluding some small schools including the gov’t schools. There will be no in person exams for the school students, it was learned.

However, private schools charging higher fees even though online classes have less expenses for the private schools. Some of the private schools reduced the amount of fees to 50% and others reduced more. But, still there are a lot of private schools in Hyderabad, taking more fees from the jobless parents during the crises.

Jobs have reduced on large numbers and people have not much money to bear their expenses. Still, they need to allow their school going kids to attend online classes while paying huge amount of fees. However, Engineering and Medical colleges also operating online, since the lockdowns and unlocks.

Why In person Exams After Online Classes?

It’s interesting to know, how in person exams for college students will be conducted while they’re learning online? However, the gov’t demands school kids and college youth to keep on learning online, which will be of no good use. It will be good if Engineering and Medical students also allowed to learn their college studies, in person. Their “in person” attendance matters a lot.

And they’ll write in person exams with their hard work, not wasted as they must learn in person for good. Practical knowledge will be induced with in person attendance as all students will learn according to their curriculum. Why not the gov’t take a decision to open all schools and colleges for in person learning? It’s a question and a suggestion.

Khalid M Raza

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