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Old man carrying heavy load to earn something good to feed his family

Old man carrying heavy load to earn something good to feed his family

An old man carries a huge load of goods seen at Secunderabad during unlock 5 Covid-19 pandemic on Tuesday. People were also seen travelling on a busy road, where the old man was sweating while carrying heavy load. He was doing so to earn something good for his family. One can recall, Amitabh Bachchan movie Sharabi of the 1990’s. And in which Om Prakash worked hard for Mr. Bachchan. Big B was played as alcoholic and a leading character in the blockbuster. The old man carrying heavy load was like Om Prakash doing the same. The situation here is different though.

Here. Rickshaw puller working hard for his family and he’s also very old. Question comes to our mind that: “Is there no retirement age for the poor people?”. Old man carrying heavy load answered smilingly even though he was sweating and never looked tired. He said, “earning money through hard work is better than begging”.

This answer cannot reach to many beggars, who simply collect huge money although keep on asking people for hours. Begging is also hard work though, but do this sort of income pleases the soul of the beggars. Beggars in India, are not born, they’re made to do so because begging makes them earn good money.

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Poor People Won’t Retire…

And the people realize not the hardship of many other poor people, but they show sympathy to the beggars. This attitude of the people of India, makes beggars to beg for their entire life. A story never so touching as the old man carrying heavy load to make money for his family’s requirements. Well, he has 2 young sons of the age below 30 years and they’re married. Now there’s no question of retirement for this old man because his wife is a home maker. She will smile at him when he returns his home sweet home.

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