Daily Power Cuts in Hyderabad hurting Work from Home more

Daily Power Cuts in Hyderabad hurting Work from Home more

Daily Power Cuts in Hyderabad hurting Work from Home people more than most others. It’s time to act now at the earliest.

The gov’t decided to cut short the salaries of Electricity department employees, to 50% lesser since over 6 months. And so power cuts are unpredictable since more than 6 months. And without any information of when the daily power cuts in Hyderabad would be at what time, the work from home people disturbed. Work from home people also paid less due to the pandemic.

Even major online channels bearing huge losses. However, they’re running on donations from the people, who like their content and video reports. Daily power cuts in Hyderabad has become a routine since a week and with no particular time chosen. This is worse as people with or without invertors, need Internet connectivity to their desktops, to work from home. Moreover, water supply is also major issue.

Water supplied to homes or flats for cleaning and for many other purposes, aren’t of any use because when water is required, there’s no supply. Daily power cuts in Hyderabad creating many problems, as at sometimes, the power cuts last for more than an hour. Internet service, at present times only works when there’s power supply. It’s not good to work or do whatever, even if you want to watch TV for you stay at homes most of the time, need power supply without interruption.

The Telangana State gov’t should resolve this issue of power cuts in Hyderabad. And, it was reported that in many other parts of Telangana State, there’s major power supply crises. Action should be taken on high priority basis. And the salaries of electricity department workers should be increased after unlock 5. No more trouble to hard working people accepted anymore.

Khalid M Raza    

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