All Women Orgs Protest to protect children, girls, women in India

All Women Orgs Protest to protect children, girls, women in India

All Women Orgs demonstrated protests across Hyderabad, demanding gov’t to protect children, girls, and women. “The gov’t should arrest criminals, who trouble innocent women & children including girls”. Said many progressive women orgs or organizations. The women activists are against atrocities on children, girls & women. They stood for long hours in support of innocent children, girls and women. All women orgs started protesting from today at Indira park in Hyderabad on Saturday.

Protests generally start off to wake up the gov’t to act in a way the people want and decide to get support legally. Many women and a few men protesting for the safety of child, girl, and woman. They said, in India, women are not safe. Girls not safe and even children not safe either. Frequent incidents of child abuse and rapes, shocked many women social organization.

And in result they’re on streets of Hyderabad for the so called protests against the heinous crimes. Every crime never will be acceptable in India. But crimes and atrocities against children, girls & women increasing everyday. And if action not taken then more crimes will be seen.

It’s good that social activists do protest peacefully and it will be better if the gov’t ensures safety to children, girls, and women. This means that the protests do carry weight. And people, who protests are doing their good to protect people. Also, the gov’t will react to the protests and take action against the culprits immediately.

If this will not happen then many more activists will be found on streets to protest against such atrocities. So, what these activists doing, looks like a bit. But protesters can change the mindset of the gov’t not only in Telangana State but also across India too. Gov’t must look into this matter seriously. Why not?

Khalid M Raza

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