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Nehru Zoo given leopard caught by Rajendra Nagar forest officials

Nehru Zoo given leopard caught by Rajendra Nagar forest officials

A male leopard was roaming around and it was hungry. People were scared so much that they couldn’t move an inch as soon as they saw wild life’s rare animal. Nehru Zoo is a better option if you catch any rare animal at any place as the Zoo will take good care. The male leopard caught in a trap as it was shown in the picture below.

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Caught on Sunday Afternoon

Earlier, Rajendra Nagar forest officials tried their best as the leopard was running away. The officials called Nehru Zoo in Hyderabad. The leopard is of age six, and it was caught. And kept in a trap-cage by forest officials in Rajendra Nagar for sometime.

Forest officials thought it’s good to handover the leopard to the Nehru Zoo authorities, who can take good care. And so they relocated the ferocious animal to Nehru Zoo Park in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Nehru Zoo was opened just recently after 7 months. The earlier story is also included. And it goes like this a bit from the link: Check Here.

Nehru Zoo Awards for Excellent Service

KVS Babu, IFS, Excellent Zoo service awards:

Sri K. P. Prem Kumar, animal keeper,

Sri B. Rajender, Mali and

Sri. D. Narender, Electrician

Awards given on Oct 6 for their excellent services for the year 2019-20. The Zoo Annual report also presented on Oct 6, 2020. Chief Conservator of Forests (HOFF) & Chief Wildlife Warden composed the report. Speaking on the occasion Smt. R. Sobha, said that: “All the Zoo staff worked very hard in this pandemic season to upkeep the health of the wild animals. And kept the zoo very clean and tidy”.

She congratulated all the staff members on the occasion of 57th anniversary of the Nehru Zoological park facilities. It’s good to know during Unlock 5, Nehru Zoo park in Hyderabad opened after a long gap of 7 months. Moreover, a male leopard is a reward to the Zoo authorities as more animals will be donated or purchased soon.

The Zoo will be more of value and will find more visitors from tomorrow to have a look at the new entry. This entry of a leopard is on the basis of looking after the animal. And Nehru Zoo will take good care because the leopard lost its way towards the forest. Henceforth, it was caught and given to the Nehru Zoological park.

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