Jobless teachers panic as associations demand to fill at least vacancies

Jobless teachers panic as associations demand to fill at least vacancies

Associations like All India BC Welfare Association and many others in Hyderabad concerned about jobless teachers. All India BC Welfare Association National President & former MLA R. Krishnaiah, started a protest. He did so to help the jobless teachers. He urged the gov’t to at least fill up the vacant posts. Also many others like Nirudyoga Sangharshana Samithi President, Gujja Krishna demanded to restore jobs for the experienced people, who lost jobs before 2020. They lost their jobs not because of the pandemic but companies started reducing their expenses.

Jobless Teachers Association President M. Saidulu Goud and others urged Education Minister near his Office to fill up the vacant post at least. Education office is located near Muttadi at SEART Building, LB Stadium, Gun foundry in Hyderabad. This was reported on Monday, Oct 12, 2020.

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Various associations stood up and raised their voices on their reasonable demand to fill up the vacant Teachers Posts. The vacant teachers posts should be filled up immediately. Teachers are in tricky situation to survive on tuitions as lesser income with tutoring never fulfills their basic needs. Also the teachers already tutoring along with their teaching jobs. So, it’s unfair for the gov’t to say that: “let them take tuitions”. Tuition money is lesser and their working in both, schools and tutoring helps them survive during rising of commodity prices.

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Also the protests created panic for many other teachers, who completed teacher training. And are looking for teaching jobs. Vacant posts are still there but not even experienced teachers benefited.

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