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More Heavy rains expected to lash South India from Thursday, Oct 15

More Heavy rains expected to lash South India from Thursday, Oct 15

The problem is not with more heavy rains expected in many parts of South India including Hyderabad. Problem is the amount of water entering homes will be lethargic for the gov’t to say that they serve people. And they’re for the people. Since couple of weeks, it’s the people suffering more due to more heavy rains continues to fall.

The reason for the gov’t to say many words in the favor of the people will be applicable. And only if steps taken to save people from the rain onslaught. People suffering a lot since couple of weeks as the gov’t never took any proper measures to save people, who vote.

Never mind rich people in India. You’ll not panic with heavy rains, you’ve invertors, generators and much more facilities. Even rain cannot enter your homes. And there will be no problem for you if power supply interrupted for a day or two. You’ll play with what’s happening near your luxury homes. The poor people, especially those from Hyderabad are suffering a lot these days. It’s not a good sign!

More heavy rains expected from Oct 15. And who knows how long the rains continue to affect normal life in South India. Over, the decades, people haven’t witnessed continuous heavy rains in Hyderabad. However, this year people showered with even when they’re at their homes. These are the poor people of Hyderabad, who will be in much more trouble. Do really the politicians care to provide rescue operations or send rescue squads?

People have plenty to say as the gov’t needs to take action first. Priority should be given to the helpless poor people, who find trouble under heavy showers. 

The rain water also entering hotels and homes in various parts of India including Hyderabad. Let’s be Safe. 

Khalid M Raza

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