Ship pushed at Visakhapatnam beach due to heavy tides

Ship pushed at Visakhapatnam beach due to heavy tides

A ship pushed at Visakhapatnam beach of Tenneti Park. Visitors were shocked to be at the beach watching it as a miracle. The big ship lost control and was not damaged due to high tides in Visakhapatnam on Monday night.

Tides are speedy and heavy. Rains also troubled Visakhapatnam over the past 1 week. People took pictures as if it’s fun time. The reason for the big ship at Visakhapatnam is of concern. Floods likely to hit hard normal lives of the people across India. Also rainfall is heavy this year and Hyderabad also witnessed heavy rains.

Himayath Sagar is totally filled with water and the gates needs to be opened in Hyderabad too. If rain continues to fall heavily then people will find tough to tackle with. The rain water also entering hotels and homes in various parts of India including Hyderabad. And more trouble awaits.

Rescue fighters needs to be spread across various parts of India as heavy rains lashes many parts of southern India. It’s now or never as daily rains causing trouble to normal lives. People have plenty to say as the gov’t needs to take action first. Priority should be given to the helpless poor people, who find trouble under heavy showers.

Tides in Visakhapatnam is a message to the gov’t to take action. Yes, ship pushed at Visakhapatnam is a clear wake up call. Rescue squad needs to help the people around India. And ignoring the rain affected areas in India will be sad. Time to react now and it will be good if actions taken immediately.

Only the poor people, who suffer from heavy rains and tides (leading to floods) troubled. Our responsibility is to alert the gov’t for safety purpose of the citizens of India.

Khalid M Raza

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