Young men enjoy swim in Musi river after Tank Bund gates opened

Young men enjoy swim in Musi river after Tank Bund gates opened

Youngsters enjoying in the dirty waters of Musi river. Young men enjoy swim in the dirty Musi River following heavy rains in Hyderabad. The gates of the Himayat Sagar (HS or Tank Bund) lake opened towards Chaderghat in Hyderabad. Today, the rainfall paused for a whole day as experts still feel that after 8:PM, there would be continuous heavy rains in South India.  

Some crazy young men enjoy while many other places flooded with rain water. It’s sad to know that many colonies or localities of Hyderabad are in disastrous situation. No proper rescue operations reached towards many places as social workers also in full action in Hyderabad, today. Trucks loaded with water cans and cooked food carried towards many rain hit areas of Hyderabad. Telangana police also doing great job. However, heavy loads of garbage found in many places of Hyderabad.

GHMC workers dumping the garbage, which got stuck while water is still overflowing. GHMC officials dumped the garbage in Musa river near Chaderghat in Hyderabad. And also on the other side young men enjoy swim, on Thursday.

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Garbage at Musa River

Rainfall is always unpredictable when it comes to continuous heavy rains. Today is an off day for the people of Hyderabad as rescue operations ramped up. So, no one needs to be blamed as everyone doing whatever they could afford to. Let’s hope rains stop soon and golden bright winter begins.

Khalid M Raza

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