Fire at Abids in Hyderabad burns clothes in readymade cloth store

Fire at Abids in Hyderabad burns clothes in readymade cloth store

A fire broke out at a leading readymade cloth store at Abids area in Hyderabad on Friday. Alert staff of the shop extinguished fire, which was suspected to have occurred due to short-circuit. No one injured in this incident as all the shoppers were immediately evacuated. However, fire at Abids in Hyderabad burned some dresses. It’s nice working day for the readymade garment shop at Abids, where until the evening of Friday, the fire broke out.

Few customers were in the readymade shop and were looking for dresses. Suddenly it was something strange happened. The fire at Abids in Hyderabad, started to cover entire shop. But, the staff rushed and utilized fire extinguisher and fortunately, it was not a great or huge loss. Staff was alert and they did just what was required to. Fire was supposed to be dangerous in the area while it was soon in few minutes time disposed. This is not the first time that fire broke out in Hyderabad.

There were several incidents of fire since the past couple of years. The shop is very close to Chermas readymade shop.

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Earlier, a factory in Hyderabad and many other businesses affected with huge loss due to the fires. These fire mishaps continue to happen across India. Sometimes causing huge losses. It’s time for all to learn from today’s fire mishap as the staff took action immediately.


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