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Home Minister Mahmood Ali finds time to salute martyrs on police CD

Home Minister Mahmood Ali finds time to salute martyrs on police CD

Home Minister Mahmood Ali is a character, who responds whenever his position is out of his control. He used to do so in many occasions and always afraid of Chief Minister KCR of Telangana State. Might be like, he respects CM more than anyone else. It’s so because, whenever he’s called for inauguration of certain businesses, he used to leave as quick as possible. And people used to say he has lesser time and so on.

What earlier today Home Minister Mahmood Ali, did; was good enough and also good enough as debatable. It’s also so because he didn’t find enough time to raise funds or visit the troubled people from heavy rains, whose property, documents and almost everything lost.

He should be advocating on behalf of the people to help them get back their documents. Passports, Aadhar Card, etc. can be remade for the people, who lost in heavy rains. Once he raises his voice in support of the helpless people of Hyderabad including other parts of TS, it would be good if not better.

Home Minister Mahmood Ali Speaking on the Occasion of Police Commemoration Day
Home Minister Mahmood Ali, Telangana, Salute, Party, People

He will not do the best as Home Minister. But, at least some good work expected from him, right? Let’s not criticize him over today’s Police commemoration day (CD). It’s his good work to salute the martyrs and he did so. However, he visits the business inauguration places in his luxury car accompanied by security forces. And leaves in couple of minutes without speaking a single word.

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