Soft drink ads targeting Alcoholics as people keeping health first

Soft drink ads targeting Alcoholics as people keeping health first

You can notice that all the soft drinks and also not to name a few creating ads for alcoholics. Yes, soft drink ads targeting alcoholics, and this is what required for the soft drink companies to do now. This is so because, their huge losses over the years not only during the pandemic made them change strategy. They’re well aware since more than couple of years people avoiding soft drinks just to maintain a better physique. The more soft drink consumed then the more will be the “belly dance”.

Experts pointed out that a few cups of coffee or tea everyday will be better than consuming soft drinks. And more appropriately not too many alcoholics mix soft drinks with wine or whiskey or whatever alcoholic product.

Most of the alcoholics in India make a “quarter” as they say and with the use of water. And there are some, who drink alcohol as it is, without mixing anything. Main worry for the soft drink companies is that they wonder why alcoholics also stopped mixing soft drink in their drinks? However, when healthy diet is of concern, then it would be better to avoid soft drinks along with your nutritious meals.

Meals at proper time and in lesser quantity can keep you healthy. Here. the reason for soft drink ads targeting alcoholics is just a change of their strategy to run their businesses. Moreover, many businesses are in losses and they too changing their strategies. Coming hard at the customers with huge discounts.

Most of the doctors say, that drinking water gives you the same energy as any soft drink. So, it’s good avoid soft drink that give you least energy and more harm to health. Drink water instead of soft drinks and be healthy.

Khalid M Raza

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