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How restaurants benefit from suppliers of uncooked items

How restaurants benefit from suppliers of uncooked items

Restaurants benefit in such a way that their requirement is of low cost items of poor quality. And the quality of vegetables, meat, etc. doesn’t matter to the restaurant owners. For example, a person from a busy restaurant was sent to the market to get tomatoes as the restaurant was short of tomatoes. He asks, “do you have hotel pandu? “No”, says the vegetable vendor. It means that “hotel pandu” or “hotel tomato” are two different categories of tomatoes.

He then, redirected to a different vendor, who sells hotel vegetables. So, this person or hotel employee buys those hotel tomatoes for less price than what the normal tomatoes cost. You could have confused a bit. But, hotel vegetables and meat products are so different from the normal veg or non veg items. The problem is quality. Low quality products at lowest costs. Be prepared to know something more.

Meat products like beef and goat meat sent to the hotels or restaurants, having cut in equal small pieces to prepare Biryani or anything else. The meat always supplied to the restaurants in poor quality at lowest prices. It consists of fat wrapped over the pieces and with bones. So, it’s not a matter that’s more understood whenever you eat Biryani made out of such meat pieces. While some restaurants benefit with quality products to some extent as per their customers needs. They make their restaurants grow this way with their suppliers supplying them quality meat.

Restaurants Benefit with non Halal Chicken

Not only chicken, but almost every item including flour, tea packs, etc. supplied to the restaurants at cheap rates with poor quality.

I can guarantee you that meat products in India might be halal, but on the whole chicken supplied to restaurants never will be. This is so because, restaurants benefit with low quality chicken at lesser price. Another reason is the suppliers cut throats of the chicken and squeeze out all stomach items and furs.

And then they bring chicken in full size along with chicken wastage. The chicken wastage such as liver, etc. used by restaurants to prepare chicken soup, etc. Thus, chicken that you eat in restaurants will never be halal. And it’s a reason for the restaurants to benefit with.

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