Aamir Khan ad exposes Indian Police activities on duty

Aamir Khan ad exposes Indian Police activities on duty

It might not be funny to some people, who care Indian Police service and also serve as Policepersons. However, Aamir Khan ad exposes Indian Police as it has been shown repeatedly on many platforms. The gov’t might be ignoring such ads involving Indian Police. But it’s understood that Indian Police used to do many activities on duty. Aamir Khan ad exposes Indian Police indirectly as what Police do or how the Police is careless, etc.

The idea is to market the product and to advertise the product more than thinking about the outcomes. Character “Shinde” also exposing Indian Police with his nonsensical behavior in the ad.

It might be an another way to expose Indian Police on matters of spreading germs and their behavior of misconduct. Firstly, Aamir Khan was seen in the ad of Phonepe as a senior police officer to his junior constable “Mr. Shinde”. They go for shopping “on duty” and the latter licks his finger and counts notes.

Aamir Khan stops him for spreading germs and then what? Mr. Shinde as it was named in the ad, swallows his own saliva. It was just about two seconds that people might say: “Chheee”. That’s how, the behavior of Indian Police exposed.

And they do more similar activities as Phonepe exposed at least a few using Aamir Khan.

Also Alia Bhatt spotted with Aamir Khan in the ad later on. It was also shocking that the Police Officer doesn’t know how to pay bills using mobile phone. He says, “its easy”, after trying hard. Phonepe needs to be blamed for exposing Indian Police activities. If any action needs to be taken, it should be taken on both Aamir Khan and Phonepe. Else, ignore and move forward and take this nothing more than just an ad.

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