MS Dhoni becomes Biggest Brand name in Ad Industry

MS Dhoni becomes Biggest Brand name in Ad Industry

It’s quite surprising that MS Dhoni left behind Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and many other top celebrities. MS Dhoni becomes biggest brand name after earning over 200 Cr through ads. Previously, it was Amitabh Bachhchan and Sachin Tendulker. However, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Virat Kohli, Salman Khan also earning a lot from the Ad industry. The reason for MS Dhoni to keep playing cricket of whatever format speaks volumes.

He retired from International cricket and never gave up playing cricket. And with his soft fluent voice and large number of fan following he’s on top. Who knows, he can play for three more years? The wicketkeeper batsman and also the key captain of CSK (Chennai Super Kings) has lot more to do with all his earnings.

His retirement plans already talked about in his latest advertisement of Mutual Funds. Yes, MS Dhoni becomes biggest brand name. And he’s far ahead from many top celebrities. His hard work and consistency in good captaincy will be remembered always. He is also quick behind the wicket as wicketkeeper.

Golden Era for MS is not gone away after his retirement from international cricket. He chose to retire from playing for India because he wanted to leave a space for youngsters. And the youngsters still need to learn a lot from MS Dhoni.

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