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CPI TS Secretary arrested for protesting in favor of flood victims

CPI TS Secretary arrested for protesting in favor of flood victims

Telangana Police arrested CPI TS Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy, who was protesting in favor of Hyderabad flood victims. He demanded a financial aid for each of the flood affected families. His demand is of Rupees 10,000/-, each and it should be given immediately to each family. The questions to be answered will be: Why CPI TS Secretary arrested and more. Everyone have the right to protest. Why not?

The CPI Hyderabad District Secretary E.T. Narasimha and others stood for Dharna (Protest). They were demanding justice to genuine Flood victims. It was learned that the CPI leaders demanded an instant Financial Aid of Rs.10,000/- for each of the flood affected families.

Not responding to the demands, TS gov’t took action. Police received the call and arrested all protesters near GHMC Head office, Tank Bund Road in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

CPI TS Secretary Arrested & More…

Police arrested CPI workers including CPI TS Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy when the gov’t officials called the Police. However, it’s not so worrisome incident of arresting protesters as they would be released soon. During the crises of the pandemic, everyone needs to follow the restrictions of the pandemic.

The virus Covid-19 should not spread from 1 or 2 to some others, it was learned. It was also learned that the TS Police keenly observing what’s going on. Police was told that protesters were creating problems to the TRS gov’t. And the police arrested all of them.

CPI TS Secretary arrested, Police, Protest
Police with CPI TS Secretary.

CPI TS Secretary arrested in a police case as if like police’s commendable job. TS police should be blamed or not, only time will tell. TS gov’t is making efforts to help the flood victims in every possible way, which is unfortunately not benefiting substantially to the flood victims.

CPI TS Secretary arrested, Police, Protests, Flood Victims
Some protesters seen wearing masks and some of them not even maintaining social distancing.

Home Minister of TS, Mr. Mahmood Ali also distributed small food packs to the flood victims today. People receiving small food packs seen below:

Food flood kits, Packages, Flood victims, Mahmood Ali, Home Minister
Mohammed. Mahmood Ali (Minister for Home, Waqf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem and others), distributing Flood relief Kits among affected families on behalf of Telangana State Waqf board at Haj house in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

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