AIMIM distributes Financial Aid to Flood victims of Hyderabad

AIMIM distributes Financial Aid to Flood victims of Hyderabad

Now, it’s noted that AIMIM distributes financial aid to flood victims of Hyderabad. This happened today on Friday. And it will go on as per the reach of the AIMIM party. Mostly people from every religion affected from the recent floods also helped from many social organizations. And AIMIM is helping all the people of Hyderabad irrespective of casts or religion. However, political parties never do such good causes in India. You can see photos below of Asaduddin Owaisi (MP) and Akbaruddin Owaisi (MLA):

MP Asaduddin Owaisi with his MLA Brother Akbaruddin Owaisi…
AIMIM, AIMIM distributes Financial aid to Flood Victims, Hyderabad People
AIMIM distributes financial aid to flood victims, Hyderabad, People, Help

Sources of income for the AIMIM leaders might be from their medical and engineering colleges or from any other businesses. However, politicians earn huge money in India. If they help then they do so because of publicity of their respective parties.

This time AIMIM never bothered for media coverage. And AIMIM distributes financial aid to flood victims of Hyderabad as it was required. Hope they’ll continue to do so in the coming days too. However, the disasters to the people should never come like which happened because of rainfall in Hyderabad.

And if anything bad happens to the people of Hyderabad and across India then political parties also should be first to come forward. People should not depend only over various helping organizations. This is what required. Political parties will be benefiting if they carry forward such good causes of financial aid to the victims.

People badly affected with heavy rains in Hyderabad as some of them even died of hunger. Also most of them lost their important documents. Best to think for the people across any part of the world, who need help, should be helped. Most of the NRIs too helped the flood affected people of Hyderabad.

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