Charminar new look pleases devotees before Diwali celebrations

Charminar new look pleases devotees before Diwali celebrations

Here comes Diwali and is just a day away from the celebrations involving firecrackers. Also sweets sold in large numbers. The Charminar new look pleases devotees in the old city of Hyderabad. The temple attached to Charminar site, which since over two decades decorated and beautified to please the devotees.

Temple at Charminar is known as Bhagyalaxmi Temple. Hindu devotees’ seen offering Pooja at the Historic Charminar site. Pooja offered with respect to Covid-19 restrictions as it’s seen “No Mask No Entry”. Ahead of Diwali, the Pooja at Charminar new look pleases devotees as it’s a festival of lights, excitement, worshiping and more. The pictures were taken today on Friday. Prior to Diwali, Charminar and many more tourism places in Hyderabad also beautified.

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Charminar new look pleases devotees, Hyderabad, Historic site, Visitors

You can see the armed police greyhounds deployed near Historic Charminar site. Since a longtime, Hyderabad has not been maintained to explore the beauty of this Historic monument. The TRS gov’t thought it’s good to maintain Charminar and other Historic sites in order to capture the attention of tourists.

This paved the way for visitors to relish with Hyderabad’s popular Historic site seeing. The guides also play a good role for the tourists to explain the existence of the Historic monuments. Hence, it’s good to know that, people, who visit Taj Mahal in Agra also visit Hyderabad.

Why Charminar new look pleases devotees?

Finally, it’s good to see devotees from various places even from outside of Hyderabad come to see Charminar. The Bhagyalaxmi Temple attached to Charminar allows people to worship and celebrate. People celebrate Diwali once in a year, and it’s good to see Diwali celebrations at Charminar in Hyderabad.

“I’m excited to see the beauty of Hyderabad. I will visit Hyderabad again. The Temple at Charminar makes me think spiritually, and behave nicely with others. I like Hyderabad’s many other places too”. Said a tourist. Another one said: “I’m so glad that Hyderabad is one of the best places in India. I like Bangalore too. Both Hyderabad and Bangalore have similar historic stories”.

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