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Donald Trump claims that he won election as Twitterati asks which one?

Donald Trump claims that he won election as Twitterati asks which one?

Whatever Donald Trump claims that he won election and anything absurd has too many replies. Joe Biden is supposed to be the 2020 Presidential election. Twitter also explains that democratic nominee Joe Biden has defeated President Trump in the 2020 US election. Biden has surpassed the 270 electoral votes, which makes him to win the race.

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While most of the followers of Donald Trump made fun of him, one of them replied: “Yes you did and you will prevail, we are praying for you sir”. Immediately this tweet followed by one Jay, who tweeted: Praying he catches COVID again Lol.

Another one followed supporting Trump, saying: “I don’t like Biden, but if it’s between him and a fascist, Nazi sympathizing, science-denier. I mean, the choice is pretty clear”.

Almost every tweet was hilarious after Donald Trump claims that he won election. We though this one also funny:

“Fact check: You lost the election!”.

Some were so clear to insult Trump that they said: “Still an idiot, I see?”.

The following reply confirms everything for our readers:

The above tweet, however followed by many other tweets, one thing is common and so it goes like this: “Sir, remember how you lost and everyone’s laughing at you?

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