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How BJP can bring progress to India – InHandWriter

How BJP can bring progress to India – InHandWriter

Indian citizens were somewhat united before BJP started playing divide and rule policy. Before and after 2002 Gujarat riots, Narendra Modi was more arrogant than he is at present. He continuously blamed Muslims of India in every possible way. He used to criticize Muslims in his speeches. And Indian Media supported him a lot more after he became Prime Minister of India in 2014. This way how BJP can bring progress to India and why?

Is there a possibility for Amit Shah and other BJP leaders including PM Modi to stop hatred of minorities? How then BJP can bring progress to India with divide & rule policies? Can they create jobs for the youth? All these arrogant facts need step by step explanation. Isn’t it ? Let’s not blame BJP alone as BJP gov’t is still in power. And BJP is in power because of us. We voted BJP and equally we’re responsible too.

What steps BJP needs to take from 2021 onwards. And in order to benefit Indians including the poor and the farmers to remain in power for few more years. And that BJP needs to realize and do act accordingly.

BJP is Bhartiya Janata Party. It’s for the people of India, which BJP stands for. But how? Too many questions arise after it’s asked time and again that how BJP can bring progress to India?

About PM Modi

The current PM, Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat during one of the longest times of 2001-2014. Narendra Modi is the third child of the six children to his parents. PM Modi supported his father for selling tea in his childhood. PM Modi had long back abandoned his child marriage to Yashodaben.

He left his wife and joined RSS organization at an early age. He was a tea seller. And an RSS extremist Hindu, who used to believe in hatred of Muslims & Christians. After the debacle of Gujarat riots, he felt the pain like a dog coming in front of a car as, when he was asked: “How did he felt when thousands of Muslims massacred, raped and arrested?”.

Narendra Modi bounced back as the Prime Minister of India in 2019, after failing to impress the people of India until the last minute. He claimed himself as Chowkidaar(Watchman) after creating surgical strikes at Balakot in Pakistan. The media claimed that about 400 terrorists killed and the terror camp was destroyed.

This way, the Indian media supported Narendra Modi to gain favor from the majority. He stormed into his second term and still failed to make India progress. Economy and GDP (Gross Domestic Product) fallen down to a great extent. Joblessness also increased.

Narendra Modi’s foreign trips continued to make him travel abroad frequently as he served himself personally. He took full use of his power, and in return exports decreased and imports increased. He was capable to put pressure on Indians with his overnight announcements of demonetization, COVID lockdown, etc.

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PM Modi & his followers & how BJP can bring what?

PM Narendra Modi was busy in visiting different countries for 3 years on a trot immediately after 2014. He made people dance to his tunes since he was elected as PM. Also he was criticized when Indian citizens started losing jobs. So, he started playing with the minds of the people of India. He bothered more about selling Indian companies rather than creating jobs for the Indians. He was blamed for many of his failures but he supported criminals and played a key role as a liar.

His followers supported him a lot and are still supporting him because they used to believe whatever he speaks. His lies has been taken as truth and much more.

PM Modi’s followers have one thing in common, which’s that they want BJP to progress and not India. It’s important that BJP needs to bring progress to India rather than fooling Indians with divide & rule policies. The British given up the policy of divide & rule, long back, and benefited more from their minorities.

When Narendra Modi was questioned: “How BJP can bring progress to India?”. He played his another card at that time, starting Swachh Bharath (Clean India campaign). But it’s arguable as how BJP can bring progress to India if certain technical and benefiting strategies not followed? Acting in one occasion, he picked garbage in a plastic bag and he didn’t noticed that he wanted people not to use plastic.

The ban on single use plastic was benefiting India until people realized from that most popular video of PM Narendra Modi. In that video, which he uploaded on social media, he was not looking at the camera and later many people claimed PM Modi as the best actor.

How BJP Can Bring Progress to India?

India never understands the high demand for goat meat as goats bring good income and can boost India’s economy. Farmers should be encouraged and lands should be allotted to them. So that the cost of goats and goat meat reduces. If goat meat cost and cost of goats reduces then sales will definitely increase.

India can play a key role in many sectors as over 200 million Muslims in India can benefit India’s economy. Rich Muslims are about 30% of the Muslim population in India. Middle class Muslims also spend a lot on goats.

If goats bring income of about Millions of dollars every year in India then why can’t India encourage goat sales. And this step will benefit farmers of every religion. There are many possible ways for BJP to make India great again. Many sectors needs to a “push” rather than divide & rule.

Sitting in the position of Prime Minister and doing nothing good than abrogating article 370 from Kashmir, Triple Talaq, Delhi violence, Ram Mandir construction. And also bringing in CAA etc. to attack the minorities rather than taking India towards progress, BJP playing dirty politics. BJP needs to take benefits from the minorities to grow the economy.

Diversity in India is the best thing any country could have. Businesses of minorities and majority are interconnected in India. And so it’s good if all Indians are united for the progress of the nation. Not only Muslims, but people of all religions in India consume non Veg. Yet, BJP finds space to insult meat consumers. Mob lynching and many other unacceptable cases of illegal arrests of Muslims go unnoticed in India under BJP.

Why BJP failed miserably?

It’s time to stop getting benefited only from the majority. Majority is also concerned of the negative GDP and loss of jobs because of no progress in India since 2014. Economy was growing faster in India when compared to Western Countries. What has happened now? No excuse of the pandemic COVID-19. India had enough time to control the virus. Instead of taking necessary measures to fight COVID-19, BJP blamed COVID-19 spread in India as Corona Jihad. Television Media and some Online channels claimed the spread of COVID-19 in India as “Planned”. Later, they stopped saying so.

BJP, RSS & Narendra Modi

The BJP gov’t never created jobs as promised. Narendra Modi in his first term spoke a lot in his speeches, about Pakistan. Still, it’s not enough for BJP to keep talking about Pakistan consistently. Why take the name of Pakistan when you can’t compare their economy with India. Pakistan’s and Bangladesh’s economy growing at a faster rate than India. India’s economy has zero growth in 2020 (with negative GDP).

BJP’s failure to implement make in India campaign, put opposition to criticize BJP. And many of BJP’s promises went unfulfilled during their first term — 2014/2019. BJP brought demonetization in 2016, which made the poor and the middle class to suffer a lot. Sudden surprises from PM Narendra Modi continued to trouble Indians in his first term. People started losing faith in BJP since 2017 onwards. However, he created something interesting before he stormed into become India’s Prime Minister again.

He went the other way round to please his followers. His first claim as having 56 inch chest exaggerated to such an extent that he accepted Pulwama attack. And then with his fake surgical strikes in the vacant area of Pakistan, he damaged only the trees. Pakistan captured Indian pilot. Pakistan PM Imran Khan released him as a peace gesture. But Indian media made the wing commander or Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman as an overnight hero. He was popularized as the “He Man” even after he was happy over Pakistan’s hospitality.

How BJP can bring progress & More…

PM Modi’s false claims led to divide Hindus and Muslims as Hindus started developing hatred of Muslims in India. Divide and rule was the oldest policy of the British. And the British too gave up this policy in order to become a developed nation.

BJP tried their best to isolate Pakistan from the world. They were unsuccessful in their attempts instead India got isolated. Neighboring countries of India started ignoring India. Pakistan got benefited from BJP’s policies and made good relations with China. China occupied hundreds of acres of India’s land. Also China twisted India’s neighbors as India’s enemies. India is now isolated but not Pakistan. India gained nothing during the governance of BJP since about 7 years.

More on BJP To Bring Progress…

It’s still possible that BJP can bring progress to India, if for any reason BJP thinks to uplift the middle class. The poor become the poorest. And the middle class troubled more with joblessness. Rich people in India are least bothered about India. And they’re quite over whatever BJP intends to do. They want India as the fascist country as even the rich people from the minorities, do not raise their voice against BJP.

Muslims also benefit Indian gov’t as Muslims in India are those minorities, who are the integral population of India. Muslims benefit economy during the month of Ramadan. Shopping and renovations happen along with prayers during the month of Ramadan. Food and other products’ sale rises during the month of Ramadan. The end of Ramadan marks with the celebration of Eid ul Fitr. Eid ul Zoha also benefits.

The sale of goats is huge as almost every Muslim household sacrifice goats. Thereby, reducing the price of goat skin, which can be used in making of leather jackets etc.

Diwali and many more festivals of the Hindus and the Christmas celebration of the Christians also provides good sales. Muslim businesses also benefit from Diwali, Christmas, or any other festivals. Likewise, businesspeople of other religions too make huge profits during Muslim festivals. There’s no difference of opinions when it comes to business. Major companies hire talented people without bothering about their cast or religion.

BJP can bring progress to India if it thrives on the basics of the constitution of India. With amendments to the constitution, there will be no growth and no progress. India as a secular state can be more progressive.


If this discussion never concludes then why the BJP gov’t act not justly? There are criminals and good people in all the religions. But BJP highlights only Muslim criminals and even Muslims arrested without any evidence of their crime. This drives people in chaos. And they do not work hard legally, creating a null & void of their contribution to the progress of India. If people kept in the suffering and left to get targeted then how can the gov’t expect good work from them. What goes for bad, comes in as bad or even worst. Believe not in revenge. Behave and let there prevail peace so that every Indian can contribute to lift the poverty away from India.

Khalid M Raza

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