Preity Zinta thanks Sharjah for taking good care after IPL 2020

Preity Zinta thanks Sharjah for taking good care after IPL 2020

“This photo was taken post our game after all the noise died down. Sharjah has a beautiful stadium. I’d like to thank everyone at the Sharjah stadium for taking such good care of us when we were there”. Said Preity Zinta. Preity Zinta thanks Sharjah for taking good care after all is over. And Punjab lost to enter even the playoffs. She’s glad that she had a good time during IPL 2020.

The Photo is below:

Preity Zinta is a former Bollywood actress and a businessperson. She owns the IPL franchisee of Punjab. She is very optimistic even though her team never gives her all the cheers she needs to express with happiness. Preity accepted defeats of Punjab as she kept her fingers crossed over the upcoming matches. Now, all’s over and the Mumbai IPL franchisee won the final against Delhi.

Still, there’s time for Preity to prepare for the IPL 2021. IPL 2021 is not too far. The season of IPL 2021 will start within 4-5 months. And it would be interesting to know what changes Punjab will make in the upcoming IPL 2021 season.

However, Preity Zinta thanks Sharjah where she was treated nicely and it was the home ground of Punjab IPL team. It’s likely that Punjab will retain Chris Gayle and Glenn Maxwell. The bowling unit will be predictable as well. India’s ace bowler Mohammed Shami also will be retained in the Kings 11 Punjab team for the season 2021 of IPL.

KL Rahul is looking forward for couple of good bowlers in the 2021 IPL season to support the dominating Punjab batting. There’s a possibility that this time Punjab will make into the playoffs. Hats off to Preity Zinta for having faith in her IPL team players.

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