Amjadullah Khan’s video of Burqa clad Women not imp to go viral

Amjadullah Khan’s video of Burqa clad Women not imp to go viral

In a twist and turn event Amjadullah Khan’s video of Burqa clad women goes viral, has reached towards conclusion though. He belongs to the popular MBT (Majlis Bachao Tahreek). However, initially he was right to say that Burqa clad women were wrong. He caught them coming at Azampura to vote from a long distance. They reached the polling booth area from different places including Yakut Pura, Aligarh, Chhowni, etc. He also mentioned about six autos carrying women from.

Amjadullah Khan’s video of Burqa clad women wasn’t fair enough when he blamed them and cursed them. And that the women had to shift their residing place of Azampura to other places. Mr. Khan brought up this issue through social media. He claimed that the women sold their faith and were doing illegal practices of bogus voting.

It was reportedly, noticed later that the women’s voter slips and voter id’s matched with their identities. Anyways, they were free from imprisonment or in police custody. An open door report told.

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