Why AIMIM is good for India to spread constitution awareness

Why AIMIM is good for India to spread constitution awareness

AIMIM’s Chief Asaduddin Owaisi often called as Barrister Owaisi. He’s Hyderabad MP and has become more popular in India because of his deep knowledge of India’s constitution. Many socialists including journalism expert Vinod Dua also viewed AIMIM in a different way. Vinod Dua said that: “Mr. Owaisi says something and then happens something else? And Owaisi’s importance or presence is something different, which he knows better”. Let’s know why AIMIM is good for India? And nothing more? No! we’ve some good points to discuss here in this forum.

Although BJP benefited from AIMIM’s progress in various places across India. And even some people say AIMIM is a vote cutter and helps BJP indirectly. This is not the reason why AIMIM is good for India to spread India’s constitution awareness? BJP has more to do with or without AIMIM. They can play “Love Jihad”, “Tablighi Jamat issue”, “Biryani Jihad”, and whatever they like.

They’ll also use Pakistan frequently and more so they want to divide India to win from one majority of the population in India. They’ll go on doing this with or without AIMIM. They’re not dependent on AIMIM and nor AIMIM is dependent on them for boosting vote banks.

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AIMIM’s Chief Asaduddin Owaisi wants to protect the constitution and speaks boldly within his knowledge of the constitution. And with his good knowledge of history, he speaks out boldly as his communication skill is higher in grade. Nobody can defeat him whenever he speaks with anyone including a bunch of BJP anchors. Asaduddin Owaisi and his brother Akbaruddin Owaisi uses their mind power and aggression to win elections. BJP uses money power too as they buy voters.

BJP’s strategy is to make Indians poorer and then grab votes from the poorest people. The rich people vote BJP because BJP misguides them. And it doesn’t matter to the rich BJP supporters because they hate minorities. Finally, the majority of Indians change their minds and vote BJP and this goes on. So, is it not right for AIMIM to grow?

AIMIM is a Muslim political party and because of their secular nature many non Muslims also supporting AIMIM. They’ve equal rights to proceed for progress. And within few years people will know why AIMIM is good for India. Time will tell. And if you have additional information please comment. Also use our Submit Your Article section to Submit your Unique Articles based upon any topic. Thanks for Reading…

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