Top Brands should provide good profit margin for Shops to boost economy

Top Brands should provide good profit margin for Shops to boost economy

It’s indispensable that top brands sell fast. And not all of them. Yet, top brands should provide good profit margin for shops. It’s required because many shops are selective to keep high priced top brands for sale in their shops. Top brands include chocolates, soft-drinks, biscuits, breads, chips, and some other best selling top brand products.

These top brand companies know that they’re in demand but shops do not make more profits as they make. Shops have to keep on display the top brands and work all day selling these products to quick come quick go customers. This way they’ve to sell the top brand products on MRP but couldn’t benefit more.

For example, a soft drink costs the company as less as Rupee 1/- and they sell it a bit lesser than it’s actual price of Rupees 50/-.

All the best selling top brand products have very small margin for resale in the shops. Yes, shops don’t have to move to whole-sellers to purchase top brand products. Top brand products delivered to shops and at no post payments. Shops need to pay once they receive the products.

This is another issue, which makes shops to be selective in purchasing top brand products on whole sale. And in this way, shops gain nothing more and they keep some products like drinking water, etc. from low brand companies in order to benefit with good profits.

More products sold is always benefiting and if there’s more mutual profits then it would be good to boost economy too. Here, mutual benefit is truly valuable. Top brands should provide good profit margins to make shops earn more. This, finally makes sense because of more sales and more shops will keep more top brand products.

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