Chief of Infectious Diseases answers Covid-19 Vaccine common queries

Chief of Infectious Diseases answers Covid-19 Vaccine common queries

Dr. Faheem Younus is the Chief of infectious diseases, whose active service to the people around the world is invaluable. You can get in to touch with him on Twitter. Well, the Chief of infectious diseases answers Covid-19 common queries, which we thought to bring up as a report.

Starting right from the most popular query, which is something that everyone of us want to know. And through the following answers from the Chief of infectious diseases, Dr. Faheem Younus MD, USA.

Chief of Infectious diseases answers this way:

Vaccines eradicated various diseases including malaria.

Nearly there are a dozen vaccines of Covid-19 on the pipeline.

Pfizer requires colder atmosphere.

Some countries making vaccination compulsory or mandatory.

One cannot travel or fly to some other places without vaccinated. No vaccine no air or train travel.

The vaccines do not consist of fetus or any human organ.

Even if any vaccine is 70-75% effective then it would be good enough to crush the virus.

The vaccines have come so quick. The reason is not because there was rush to prepare vaccines. If it took more time then Billions of dollars would be wasted.

The Chief of infectious diseases don’t think that there was any rush to prepare vaccines.

Chief of infectious diseases also said that vaccines are there to be taken. And people shouldn’t run away from. It’s good to get vaccinated. It’s better.

Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored in a very cold temperature.

Be ready and don’t be afraid of vaccination. Says, Chief of infectious diseases.

Some More…

Some people will get headache or muscle pain thereafter if you take vaccine. Nothing to worry about these short term side effects.

So far, 35000 people have taken vaccine and they’ve no complaints.

Extremely rare for vaccines to cause serious side effects after 1 month. Even if you have immunity in abundance, you should take vaccine.

Pregnant Women shouldn’t take vaccine. This is so because the vaccine has not studied this issue. Vaccines have come to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s cooperate and still follow social distancing until the pandemic Covid-19 finishes or eradicated.

Covid-19 is more deadly than HIV or AIDS. Covid-19 killed more people in 1 year than AIDS or HIV. Over 7000 people per day are critical Covid-19 patients. It’s better to fight against the virus and make things back to normal.

Skipping the vaccine is exchanging smaller risk with a greater risk.

Pfizer has 43,000 volunteers while Moderna has 30,000.

And over 35,000 volunteers doing good.

Even if you’re young and less than 28 years old even then you should consider taking vaccine. Yes, children need not take vaccine because there’s no valid cases so far in Children.

Strongest medication for Covid-19 is only the vaccine to fight it out.

His 45 minute lecture is worth listening on YouTube, where he says he’s passionate over clearing doubts of the people around the globe.

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